Quinta Grande, Lisbon

Looking for Luxurious Living Near Lisbon and a Top International School?

Discover the Luxury that Awaits: Dive into Detailed Insights and Unveil the Splendor of this House in Quinta Grande, Lisbon!


Understanding Property Tax in Portugal

Discover the intricacies of Portugal's property taxes, from IMT to IMI and Stamp Duty, in our latest article - a must-read for anyone considering buying property in Portugal.

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Lisbon Real Estate Market Snapshot 2023

Access the most comprehensive report on the Lisbon real estate market now.


Residence and investment in Portugal

Digital Nomads

Visas for digital nomads in Portugal offer benefits such as the opportunity to live and work legally in the country, access to the growing digital nomad community, attractive cost of living conditions, favorable climate, vibrant culture, and top-notch infrastructure.

Golden Visa

The Golden Visa program in Portugal offers benefits such as the possibility of obtaining a residence permit for foreign investors and access to free movement within the Schengen Area.

Non-Habitual Resident

The Non-Habitual Resident program in Portugal offers benefits such as exemption from taxes on foreign income, reduced tax rates for income in Portugal, and exemption from taxes on donations and inheritances, providing an attractive opportunity for foreign residents.


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