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New Your Times – 36 hours in Lisbon

New Your Times – 36 hours in Lisbon

A weekend is all it takes to realize why Lisbon is on top of the world, at least that’s what Ingrid Williams, a high profile New York Times journalist, thinks: “Lisbon has it all: world-class cuisine for the gastronomically inclined, ancient fortresses, art and architecture for the cultured traveler, and a vibrant local bar, music and night life scene for everyone in between. ”

“Forget Lisbon as the budget capital of Europe. Yes, the seafood is still (relatively) cheap, as is the wine. The old canary-yellow trams still rattle along steep hills, and you’ll never pay more than a euro and change for a pastéis de nata, the classic Portuguese pastry. But today the Portuguese capital is better known for its red-hot culinary scene and fine cultural institutions, including a new world-class museum on the waterfront. The faded Old Europe charm remains, but with a stream of exciting openings and fresh inspiration drawn from across the Atlantic, Lisbon seems primed for a new golden era.”

These tips are from an article on “what to put in a suitcase for Lisbon,” published in the online edition of the newspaper this Thursday, April 19. But this is just a text supporting the main article, placed on the same day, about “36 hours in Lisbon”.

The map below shows the recommended places to visit in a 36 hours journey in Lisbon.

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