Before and After Home Staging

Home Staging is a key component of our strategy to maximize the value of your home. Before each auction, we do an exhaustive preparation work to analyze how we can improve the appearance of your home and to reduce possible objections from buyers.

Note that it’s not just about appearance/cosmetics, but about using decor and furniture to show how the house can function in a neutral way.

In this recent example, it is an apartment in a renovated building, where it was important to show that the suite can fit a double bed. In the original model, the double bed was against the wall (photo #1). Any buyer looking at this image would wonder if a double bed would fit in this room, in its conventional position. Our goal is to eliminate all possible doubts.

Therefore, we placed the bed in the conventional position, removed the dolls and made the room more inviting for a couple to see themselves in this room.

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