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Golden Visa 2022

In 2022, restrictions on the legal regime of the Residence Permit for Investment (commonly known as Golden Visa) come into force. In summary, investment in residential properties in coastal areas is no longer possible (namely Lisbon, Porto and Algarve).

What changes?

  • The value of the investment by capital transfer goes from 1 million euros to 1.5 million euros  (for example opening an account or setting up a sole proprietorship company with this capital);
  • The value of the investment through the acquisition of participation units in investment funds or venture capital funds dedicated to the capitalization of companies increases from €350,000 to €500,000;
  • Investment in residential real estate is only possible if carried out in the regions of Madeira and Azores or in the interior of the country (see table below).

What doesn’t change?

  • Foreign investors will continue to have access to the Golden Visa through investment in properties not intended for residential purposes located in coastal areas (namely Lisbon, Porto and Algarve);
  • The minimum value of real estate investment remains unchanged, that is, €500,000 or €350,000 (for the purchase of a property built at least 30 years ago or located in urban rehabilitation areas near accompanied by the contract for the rehabilitation works).

What are the options for those who want to continue investing in the most attractive areas like Lisbon and Porto?

  • Investment in non-residential properties, such as offices, shops, tourism (eg fractions in hotel units). It is even possible to obtain the Golden Visa reduced from €350,000 through rehabilitation projects;
  • Investment in tourist housing properties, by means of a Tourist Operation Contract;
  • Investment through the creation of a sole proprietorship with capital of 1.5 million euros, and using the company’s capital for investment in residential real estate, in the proportion you wish. The remaining part can even be expatriated through the purchase of securities in the country of origin.
Nomera Capital limousine service – Golden Visa

We offer the most complete Golden Visa service on the market:

Our team has extensive experience in the Golden Visa program, with 100% success, and we offer the most complete turnkey service on the market for foreign investors:

  • Initial meeting via zoom to analyze the client’s specific situation and discuss possible options;
  • Legal support and legal representation through our partner Pares Advogados;
  • Account opening through our partners Millennium bcp e novobanco ;
  • Selection of properties with the best profitability;
  • Financial analysis of the investment;
  • Virtual visits through WhatsApp;
  • Optimization of visits to properties with our private limousine service (hotel or airport pick-up);
  • Negotiation and closing of the deal;
  • Lease of real estate;
  • Rehabilitation works (for the Golden Visa of €350,000);
  • Furniture and decoration design;
  • Lease management (including accounting, repairs and representation at condominium assemblies).

Schedule a meeting with us now to discuss your situation, without any commitment.

Nomera Capital limousine service – Golden Visa

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