Market Gaps Report

What are Gaps for?

They make it possible to identify imbalances between supply and demand.

What will I find in this report?

This report offers a visual response to the state of the real estate market in Lisbon. It allows you to understand which market segments are moving, in terms of typology and the most active parishes at the moment.

How can I use this information to my advantage?

The interpretation of imbalances between supply and demand makes it possible to identify which areas of the city are most attractive to buy or sell, defining appropriate strategies.

Content of report

  • INTRODUCTION: what is the use of this information?
  • MARKET GAPS: definition of gaps, visual analysis of distribution in 4 performance groups
  • STRATEGIES: What strategies can be used by owners and buyers taking advantage of gap information?
  • DETAILED TABLES: Tables with detailed information on Demand and Price Gaps, by parish and typology
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