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Why us?

Our approach to the home selling process is radically different than usual. We believe that 80% of the success of the sale is in the preparation, and we do not give up this principle in any of our fundraisers.

We can sell your property in half the time and up to 10% above the market price.

Our marketing plan is the most complete on the market. We do a number of different things, of which we highlight the following.

The 4 most important differentiating factors:

  • Home Staging & Fixing: we invest in creating the best possible version of your home, through Home Staging & Fixing;
  • Immersive and viral digital marketing: We use the most advanced technology in  virtual 3D Matterport visit, our marketing team creates videos specifically prepared for each digital platform (Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook);
  • Virtual visit before the face-to-face visit: we don’t take any buyers to your home before we make a virtual tour;
  • Exposure to a wide national and international audience: we produce our own Market Research with wide national and international dissemination. We use the RE/MAX network to reach the largest audience in Portugal. We participate as speakers in international events in which we present our properties.

And this is just a sample of what we can do for your property and for you.

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