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Sale Stages

Our property sale service consists of 3 major stages, with a large part of the gains coming from the preparation, of which home staging & fixing, or staging and rectifications are highlighted. Independent studies show that through staging it is possible to earn 5 to 10% more and sell up to 60% faster. Our property sales service always includes staging & fixing, because we believe and have evidence that the results are worth the investment.

1. Preparation

Inspection of the state of the house and analysis of corrective measures;

Evaluation of the cost/benefit of repairs;

Staging: Depersonalization of the home, overhaul of decor and furniture to increase value in the eyes of the customer;

Minor repairs: painting, floor grinding, cleaning;

Minor renovations;

Energetic certification;

Obtaining and validation of documentation.

2. Marketing

Personalized Marketing Plan;

Professional photography;

Cinematic video;

Short videos for social networks (reels, youtube, tiktok);

Virtual tour 3D Matterport;

Portals; E-mail marketing;

Distribution of flyers in the area of the property;

Advertising on social networks;

Landing page;

Creation of a space refresh project with 3D models (photos and videos);

Qualification of buyers and tenants;

Visit management;

Follow-up reports.

3. Close Deal

Support in the analysis of proposals, after tax effects;


Tax optimization solutions;

Tax and legal advice;

Validation of buyers/tenants documents;

Preparation of contracts (PSC, Deed, Lease).

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