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Exclusive Marketing

When you give us your property for sale, you have the confidence that you are probably hiring the best real estate marketing service, exclusive to Nomera Capital. We make an unparalleled investment and have a unique presence on digital platforms, with innovative productions and content for Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, Youtube Shorts, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

Our technological platform uses Artificial Intelligence to segment audiences, and through targeting, remarketing and retargeting campaigns, expose your property to the people most likely to be interested in your home.

We also differentiate ourselves by making virtual visits through zoom with potential buyers, before carrying out the in-person visit. In the virtual tour we present the exact location of the property and the area where it is located, using Google Maps.

Our Exclusive Marketing plan comprises 3 levels:


  • Market research;
  • Detailed Statistics;
  • Documentation Validation;
  • Obtaining Documentation;
  • Sales Board;
  • Professional Photography;
  • Publication RE/MAX Website;
  • Publication on National Portals;
  • Flyer Distribution;
  • Daily cross-referencing with buyers in the RE/MAX Buyer Match system;
  • Text message for each scheduled visit;
  • Text message for each proposal;
  • Visit Management;
  • Follow-up reports;
  • Contract Preparation.


  • Home Staging Express;
  • Virtual Tour 3D Matterport;
  • Instagram Reels, Tik Tok and Youtube videos;
  • Digital Brochure of the Property;
  • Advertisement international portals;
  • Paid advertising on social networks;
  • E-Mail to more than 3,500 national and international professionals and to agencies in the area;
  • E-Mail for our national and international customer base;
  • 3D humanized plant;
  • Architecture Project with 3D renderings;
  • Open House for Professionals and Clients;
  • Virtual Open House (on Facebook);
  • Virtual visit before the face-to-face visit;
  • Automatic WhatsApp sending.

Close deal

  • Home Staging 360º;
  • Presentation of the property to a selected portfolio of international clients;
  • Blue sky photography;
  • Customized marketing campaign;
  • Video Drone with aerial approach;
  • Cinematic video;
  • RE/MAX Collection Rating;
  • Landing page specific to the property;
  • Property Booklet in high quality paper;
  • Email marketing for specific segments;
  • Open House with Cocktail and Music for Professionals and Clients.

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