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Virtual Visit

Before taking a potential buyer to visit your home, we always make a virtual visit through zoom, to ensure that we only take to your home those who are really interested and who have the ability to buy. In this way, we prevent owners from wasting their time and creating false expectations.

The virtual visit is used to get to know potential buyers better, what their motivation for the purchase is and to validate if they have pre-approved financing. As a rule, we do not take potential buyers to the homes of our homeowners who do not have the home loan already approved and are able to pay the value of the home.

During the virtual visit we present the area and the property:

  • Through Google Maps we present the exact location of the property, the area where it is located and points of interest such as cafes, supermarkets, pharmacy, schools, police, transport, gardens, etc…;
  • We use the Virtual Tour 3D Matterport to carry out an immersive virtual tour of the house, taking the opportunity to clarify recurring issues such as natural light and solar orientation.

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