Who we are

At Nomera Capital, our primary expertise is in unlocking investment opportunities in real estate and next-gen technology startups.

Our unique positioning in the real estate market allows us to provide investors with unmatched opportunities spanning diverse geographies. Alongside, our attention turns to groundbreaking startups operating at the cutting-edge of Web3 and AI. We have a particular interest in those revolutionizing the tech scene with innovative business models, like Real World Assets Tokenization, DeFi and generative AI.

With precision, innovation, and a commitment to excellence, we've carved out bespoke investment avenues for over 100 international clients in the past three years. Our understanding of the intricate weave of real estate and the tech sector offers an unparalleled advantage to our clientele.

We are not only about unlocking investment doors; we actively empower startups aiming for a global footprint. Our seasoned team ensures that startups meet the right investors, turning market complexities into strategic assets.

Additionally, as authorities on the Residence by Investment front, we guide investors through the renowned Golden Visa programs in Portugal and Spain, offering a smooth journey to European residency via astute real estate investments.

Whether you're a discerning investor seeking prime real estate assets, looking to support trailblazing startups in Web3 and AI, or a startup setting sights on international horizons, Nomera Capital stands as your strategic partner, forging connections that herald success.

Our Expertise

At Nomera Capital, we operate across three core pillars: technology, real estate, and international markets. These pillars guide our strategy, allowing us to connect opportunities and deliver consistent value to our clients.


  • Seed Capital & Venture Capital: Commitment to nurturing startups from inception to growth through strategic investments.

  • Focus on Web3 & AI: Leveraging the latest in decentralized web technologies to provide cutting-edge solutions namely RWA Tokenization. Emphasizing practical AI applications for business, such as generative AI and other innovative models.


  • Real Estate Investment: Directly engaging in opportunities within the dynamic real estate market, from either residential and commercial properties and portfolios.

  • Real Estate Funds: Collaborating with established funds to broaden investment horizons, ensuring diversity in real estate portfolios.

  • Residence by Investment: Expertise in European Golden Visa programs, particularly in Portugal and Spain, offering strategic guidance to international investors seeking residency through tailored real estate investments and funds.

  • Real Estate Tokenization: Pursuing innovative investment strategies by exploring the tokenization of real estate assets, enabling digital ownership and fluidity in asset trading.


  • USA: Building robust networks with tech hubs and fostering relationships for both tech and real estate ventures, in particular in San Francisco/CA, Miami/FL and Austin/TX.

  • Turkey & Middle East: Actively exploring untapped markets and establishing connections with local partners for diversified opportunities.

Our values

  • Agility in Success:
    Our results-oriented approach prioritizes swift and effective outcomes. We ensure streamlined processes for every stakeholder.
  • Unwavering Commitment:
    Your goals become ours. We offer unwavering support, timely updates, and steadfast availability, ensuring a service experience that mirrors the dedication we'd show our own ventures.
  • Market Mastery:
    With deep access to premium, reliable market intelligence, we empower our clients with a competitive edge. This, combined with our partnerships with trustworthy industry players, promises an integrated and top-tier service experience.
  • Innovative Mindset:
    Our investment in pioneering digital marketing strategies ensures global visibility for your assets. Our network can unlock access to exclusive off-market opportunities, offering our clients a broader horizon of choices.
  • Relationship-Centric Approach:
    At Nomera Capital, we pride ourselves on being attuned to our clients' needs. Our emphasis is on active listening, personalized guidance, and cultivating long-standing, trust-based relationships.
  • Ethical Integrity:
    We are commited to the highest standards. We champion scrupulous business practices and prioritize integrity above all.

Executive Team

Cristóvão Matos

Founder & Managing Director