International roadshows

Our roadshows in the USA are designed with a dual focus: presenting choice real estate investment opportunities from Portugal and highlighting the nation's potential in the tech startup arena.

In 2022, our initiative reached San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Instead of just showcasing real estate investments, we also introduced Portugal as an appealing destination for digital nomads and as a growing hub for technology startups.

By 2023, our outreach expanded to Texas and Miami. These events allowed us to engage potential investors from diverse backgrounds. We emphasized both the compelling real estate investment opportunities in Portugal and its rising prominence in the global tech startup scene.

These roadshows underscore our commitment to bringing Portugal's best to the international stage—connecting its real estate investments and burgeoning tech opportunities with global investors. Our aim is straightforward: promote increased international investment in Portugal's real estate and technology sectors, benefiting our clients and contributing to the country's economic growth.

San Francisco & Silicon Valley 2023

Napa Valley

Texas & Florida 2023

Cristóvão Matos no Palm Beach International Boat Show
Casa mais cara vendida na Florida
Escritórios da Indeed em Austin, Texas
Cristóvão Matos em Miami