We’ve released the Real Estate Market Report for Urban Rehabilitation Areas (URAs) of Lisbon. The gathered data has been treated according to transaction statements provided by the owners to the local council, within the scope of the legal pre-emption right that these institutions are entitled to within the respective URAs. Those areas enclose the so-called “historical centre” of the city.

The information is organised in Parishes (official territorial division) and Neighborhoods (informal divisions, that sometimes cross more than on e parish).

Some highlights:

  • On average, prices in these areas grew by 15% on an annual basis, and 1,8% in relation to the 2nd quarter of 2017.
  • Top 3 ranking of quarterly growth Parishes (2nd Quarter 2017 to 3rd Quarter 2017): Avenidas Novas (+18,7%), Campo de Ourique (+18,1%) and Estrela (12,2%). On an annual basis: Ajuda (42,2%), Santo Antonio (42,0%, Avenidas Novas (37,6%).
  • Top 3 ranking of quarterly growth Neighboorhoods 2015-2017: Santa Marta (+115,4%), Bairro da Bica (+101,3%) and Santa Catarina (98,2%).

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